Jen + David

  David and I met the same way that most couples dream of meeting...while hanging out with friends at an after hours club in Vegas.  After claiming that I had no memory of meeting him previously, and proceeding to lose his number that night, we luckily ran into each other a few more times and decided we would meet for lunch. I tried to cancel the date but ended up going last minute,  showing up at the restaurant wearing sweats, a ponytail and no makeup.  I walked in, and for some reason my heart fluttered.  I still remember the look on his face.  

Despite being a self-proclaimed commitment phobic and anti-marriage,  I knew in my heart from that very night that we were going to be together.  (Cheesy, I know) I never had any questions or doubts, it was just the most natural and easiest thing I had ever felt.  The following week I invited him over to my house... and he never left.