Jen + David

David and I are slightly dog obsessed, so we decided to have our chihuahuas at the wedding as our flower girls and ring bearer.  Our venue was very dog-friendly.  They even have pet pools and a doggie room service menu.  The ceremony was in the courtyard in front of our villa, so they had a quick safe place to go as soon as it was over, although they stayed for the ceremony without a single peep.  Well, except for Sascha who slipped off her chair and started screeching mid-ceremony.  I think she was trying to object to the marriage.

The girls wore a big white flower and Beefy wore a white bowtie.

Flower Girls

Lola is the original chihuahua.  She is not really sure what her name is and she knows how to get out of the doggie door but she may spend hours outside trying to figure out how to get back inside.


Sascha was my birthday present from David in 2007.   She is from Newport Beach.She never barks and hates walks. But if you put her on a beach or in a park with sprinklers going she will run as fast a bullet because she likes nature and the wind blowing through her long beautiful hair.


Miko was my birthday present from David in 2008. She is fiesty and hyper and is the alpha dog of the pack. So she is exactly what David was hoping for. She fears nothing unless you lightly blow on her.

Ring Bearer

If Beefy could talk he would sound like Tim Gunn from Project Runway.  I see at least 7 people a day that look just like Beef in human form.  I bought him for my mom as a gift shortly before she passed away and adopted him after.