Jen + David

Maid of Honor

Sydney is not only my daughter she is my best friend in the world.  She is the proud owner of an extremely strange cat that most people would not claim.  Sydney is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. 


Lesley is my beautiful little sister.  Her favorite thing to do is clean her house until it sparkles, then sit down with a glass of green tea and watch Little House on the Prarie. 

Aisle Escort

My brother Lance's role in the wedding is very, very special to me.  Just as he did in my sister's wedding, he will take my father's place in walking me down the aisle. 

Best Man

Brian is one of David's best friends.  David caught the garter at his wedding last year, so maybe it actually worked!


Marcelino is David's cousin from Atlanta.  He is the one in the middle.

Dog Escort

David's nephew Blaze attempted to walk our dogs down the aisle, even though they tried to trip him.  Then Beefy escaped and ran back to David, who carried him down the aisle.  Obviously he liked the walk so much that he needed to do it twice.

The Best Friends

I really wanted a small wedding party, which was fine for my two best friends who both hate being a bridesmaid.  They both contributed to the wedding in very special ways.  Leslie planned a trip to NYC for my "bachelorette" party, which was just an excuse for us all to spend time together since we all live in different parts of the country now.  Chrissy, my most creative friend, made a beautiful guest book and planned and organized the music for the entire reception.