Jen + David

My Bouquet

My bouquet was lisianthuses, miniature calla lilies, dahlias, and unfolded roses made to look like gardenias (due to a gardenia shortage the week of my wedding!).  I loved all the different textures and I left the stems exposed and blunt cut.  I put a Swarovski panda pin on my bouquet in honor of my mother.  She was a panda-phile, and it was one of her favorite pieces.

Bridesmaid's Bouquets and Boutonnieres

My bridesmaids carried a simple bouquet of white stock flowers.  The boutonnieres were cymbidium orchids.


I love clean, simple floral arrangements.  I chose a cylindrical vase with 3 hydrangea stems.  I was so happy with the way they turned out and they were very budget friendly.

Chinese Lanterns

I have had a slight obsession with paper Chinese lanterns since I was a why not?  My husband made me stop getting ready to come look at them the morning of the wedding.  I cried when I saw them.  But then again, I cried a lot that day:)

Card Box and Memory Table

On a pre-wedding visit to Palm Springs, we stopped at an antique store in the small desert town of Twenty Nine Palms.  David found a beautiful engraved metal and wood box fom India that we used for our card box.  

We displayed photos of our parents on their wedding day, his little brother and our grandparents.  My parents and grandparents have passed away, as well as a couple of his grandparents and his brother. It was our way of discreetly honoring them during our wedding without being overly somber.