Jen + David


The Setting:  New York City

David and I love to travel, but he had never been to one of my favorite places, New York City.  

The Proposal:  Central Park

After dinner at WD-50, we had plans for a carriage ride but it had started to rain. I hate rain so I suggested The Plaza for drinks instead. David had to talk me into choosing rain over a martini.   The doorman pointed through the mist to a lone carriage 2 blocks away. We hurried over to the last carriage of the night.   As we rode through the empty rainy park, David started rambling about who knows what, and I half listened as I was trying to cuddle and take in the moment. Then he suddenly says "What if I asked you to marry me?" I stared at him in shock wondering if that was a hypothetical question and said "Are you asking me?" Then he got on one knee, and said "Will you marry me?" and opened the ring box. I started laughing and crying at the same time. And I said yes. 

The Ring

One day while reading a magazine I showed him my fantasy ring, the Harry Winston cushion cut surrounded by pave diamonds. I loved the delicate vintage design, and I am not a big fan of jewelry in general. After that I would occasionally catch him online looking at rings, or randomly bringing up marriage. Then it seemed that David stopped talking about getting engaged. Little did I know that he had gone to a local jeweler and had the Harry Winston ring replicated for me. He had it for almost 2 months and had been carrying the ring in his pocket all over New York, waiting for the right moment and the right place.